Script sample OUAT FAN FIC

Hi, here is another fan fic script i wrote today. It is ABC’s OUAT TV show and based on BELLE and GOLD arguing over a book that could help find their son again.

Please read and feedback.

Here is the PDF script



Script sample – Buffy the vampire slayer Fan fiction script

Hi, I’m starting a new thing on my blog where I write a script – 1 page or 1 scene – a day and someone suggested that I put them up for fellow fans, film makers and blog readers to look at. I do a variety of scripts including fan fiction, spec scripts based on other shows and my own original ones. For my blog I will put up the spec and fan fiction ones for you to read. Please feel free to read and feedback.

For this post i have put up a link to a pdf of a fan pic script i did of Buffy or BTVS and its mainly about spike and willow.




Blog of a Film Maker – general update – 9 June 2016

A lot has happened since my last post. I am about to start a paid work placement via Advance (an into work and job centre linked company) at a media company. Its not filmmaking related but its more magazines, online media and PR and etc. Its only 16 hrs a week which means i can still work on my projects for my SJLees Media and MagicKraft Media as well as till keep working on my career path and self employment in freelance media and filmmaking etc. This is quite scary and exciting.

Also, for SJLees Media, I filmed and edited my first client wedding video (ceremony and highlight reel) which was really challenging and exciting. I didn’t earn a money payment but i gained so many new skills in live filming and editing. I gained most new skills and experience in colour correction and grading. I also enhanced my editing to music and beats which is a skill i had quite a bit of a knack for. All of this was both theoretical and practical.

I’ve also learnt and discovered, with the help and utilisation (yes i am into self development or self help / law of attraction and other related topics) of all the success and the above mentioned skills and principles, a lot of how to organise my film work and using hobbies like music playing to optimise and advance it all. With this I’ve learnt what i really want from my career and where my favourite parts are, my strengths, weaknesses and etc are.

I will be posting soon once i get a few things sorted and have got back on track with my 3 short film projects for MagicKraft Media.

Thanks for reading.

Sophie J Lees

Blog of a FilmMaker – a long time waiting

Hi, Its been a long time since I last posted but I’ve been quite busy with various things. As you may know, I am a job seeker who is trying to become a full on self employed freelancing film producer. I am now at a very good stage with my princes trust explore enterprise and I seem to be starting to get some where with my commercial client work as well as getting somewhere with my more self commissioned side of things.

As you know I have S.J.Lees Media as my main professional media and portfolio site / network, but while working on the business planning I decided to branch out within S.J.Lees Media to have a site / network space just for my own self commissioned work; this business (owned and under the main S.J.Lees Media) is MagicKraft Media. This is where all my short films and other bigger scale projects will go. On S.J.Lees Media I will still have all the projects and things I create like Vlogs, mini projects, experiments and etc. So It is still an outputting site where I’ll put my work (and they will get more regular) like cgi animations and other odd playlists of work etc. I just want to organise stuff and make my creative stuff more streamlined and professional. Its all so new and exciting and a bit confusing but I couldn’t be happier.

Control Loss my first short film since uni (through and under S.J.Lees Media) is now all finished and distributed and I will link up to it.

I have (through my MagicKraft Media) started my next short film Spook Hunters. Its a homage to Most haunted and monster quest etc and is all set and shot out on location in the birmingham suburbs (uk).

I will be posting and updating this blog and posting up all the work I’ve done on my networks. I’ll also try and make this regular again and organise everything. I have a few blog post on here I want to get up. So see you next time.

check out the links below for more on my work ad stuff:-

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S.J.Lees Media WebSIte

Blog Of A FilmMaker:- My Day In The Life Of A FilmMaker (Wednesday 14 October 2015)

Hi, Sophie J Lees here, filmmaker (and currently a job seeker). This post is a diary of my typical day. It will have all about my day to day activities plus thoughts and updates on my projects and progress.

It is currently 6:35 am, I have been up since 5:30 am but now I am just starting my work day with a pointless job hunt as I have to go and sign on later this afternoon.

Its now 7:21 am, job hunt is finished and just checked certain finances ready to run errands when I go job centre and etc.

Now 8:49 am, I have done paper filling and ad various paper work and had a couple breaks.

10:13 now, I have been continuing with business plan and etc plus being a full time stay at home mom to my puppies (lol) plus doing various house and hobby choirs.

The media work part of my day is over for now as, with the way the day is scheduled with job centre and going to town for various shopping and errands too, I have to cut it short (media part) to do various housework and ext.

Sorry if this post was short and boring, i plan to record a full / longer day tomorrow and post it up as well as recording a week diary in next few weeks. Keep looking our for various other blogs and updates on my network.

Blog Of A FilmMaker:- General and Overall Update – Tuesday 6 October 2015

Hi, Sophie J Less here. If you don’t already know, i am a indie filmmaker, writer, director, producer and editor and I am in the process of setting up my SJLees Media Business.

Although in the very beginning stages and planning stages, my business stuff is going quite well, especially with creative and good ideas as well as project ideas. I am getting help and inspiration by the fact that i am on the Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise and the fact that working on it and seeing my vision of its success is giving me something to do while, “job hunting and being in the unemployed sector”.

As you may know, I am currently on the editing stages of Control Loss, my first short professional film since Uni. I am on edit stage 4 / cut 4 which is the advanced edit stage where the SFX and visual effects. It is also where I dod the colour grading, advanced lighting and colouring like day for night, CGI, animation and the visual effects add ons. I love the editing stage so much as it is so fun and you get to see the evolution and moulding of the whole and finished film. Its also exciting to see the ending of a project that has taken so long to get to screen. There is an important schedule announcement coming in the next hour from the Control Loss blog and site. So check Control Loss blog .

Also the next main thing I am working on is another short film, my 2nd professional short film / project since uni. This will or could be a pilot for a possible mini or general web series on Video on demand sites. It is in the preproduction stages. It is the seed of an idea that is quickly growing to a written idea which my imagination can clearly see ripening. This is so exciting as the writing, idea creation / idea construction and planning stages are also my other favourite stages like editing. This is because i love seeming my scribbles – the seeds – becoming the plans – the roots – and then growing into the written script – the fruit. I then love taking that script to film then the screen for all to see. And I am very excited about this project as it is al the genres and genre mixes and styles I love. At the moment its slow going and not much is flowing as i am concentrating on finishing Control Loss.

Along side all this, I have at the very least 2 other ideas ready to go into pre-production. These are in the pre-preproduction stages as there is just a few odd bits and bobs written down for them. This is also very exciting for me as usually i get all my ideas for future projects while knee deep in another project so i have to log and back log these other ideas to come back to. This is good as you can come bad fresh and better to develop these ideas at a later stage. Also its good as it gives me a library so that when I’m in between projects i have something ready to look through. I also like having 1-3 or more projects on the go so that work flows are quick and production turn-arounds are constant and consistent.

This is pretty much it for now. Thanks for reading.

Please check out: SJLees Media Blog and Control Loss blog

See you next Time. 😀

Blog Of A Filmmaker:- Filmmaking Career & Job Centre

Hi, I’m writing (again) about my filmmaking career and the obstacles of the job centre. 

It’s no secret that technically and on paper I am unemployed and on job seekers benefits, yet in my head and heart I am a self employed filmmaker and will become successful with my SJLees Media business. I am also a big champion of law of attraction and self help stuff along with having strong faith. This is what led me to the “quantum” leap in the faith that I should go ahead with this career path and persue my dream of a filmmaking and self employment.

This however isn’t without its challenges. Mine, is of course, the job centre. The job centre is only doing its job and has a role to play, but like the whole employment industry it seems to have a dislike or disconnection for creative graduates like me. Now I’ve learnt that the system can not be completely to blame for current situations and problems because it’s up to is to take all responsibility and decide what have we done and what do we do next. Yes the job centre plays the role of antagonist so well that it’s no wonder it’s system gets the blame so much for many things.

So what can we do then to get to our goals etc. Well I have drive, faith, vision and put a lot of hard work in. My faith (self help, law of attraction and christo-paganism / Gnosticism) believes the more energy, work, intent and sacrifice you put in plus gratitude then the more you rep. From my experience this is true. Now I know you will have different beliefs and faith systems and that’s fine, there’s no right or wrong; apart from faith in your self and gut instinct – that remains a common factor for everyone. 

Should you just settle for just getting a stable job in office or dead end jobs to get by til you get to your goal, for some it’ll be a yes but for most I advise go for the goal completely. For me my media and filmmaking is a full time job but I just need to figure out getting paid work from it. 

For me the following is true: do what you love and satisfies you and money will follow, never work FOR money money must work FOR you. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Thanks for reading.