Cooking Videos Promo video for Schwartz watercress soup

For My Current work experience, I am looking into doing food and kitchen based promotional multi media projects, and i am researching, using sjlees media to do mock up promo videos or trial projects.

The link below is a promo video for water cress soup. It is based heavily in the kitchen location and very well lit. It has com commercial, if cheesy music and lasts for about a minute  to 2 minutes. It is lit very brightly which gives a warm feel, the colours are also vey warm – aka reds. There is very clear and crisp informative narration that does not sound over scripted. All in all it makes a nice little piece through being so short, joyful and simple. It would keep interest, be fun for the audience and inform of important information which would hold in the audience’s head.

I have started setting up a mock up – Sofias kitchen – a play on my real name Sophie. The colour themes are pink and mint green, warmish yet more poppy to appeal to the younger ages.


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