Apple IOS 7 Promo video – Promo Video Research

For my current work experience and my own personal media growth, I am researching all kinds of media – mainly video – formats  and genres. Currently I am honing in on promo videos. The one above is the promo video for the IOS 7 for Apple Devices (mainly the iPhone).

At first glance, the video duration is quite long (7 minutes and 30 secs) for a promo video, not too long but long enough for certain audiences to get bored and change videos. If I were to do a promo video, I would cut it down to at most 5 minutes on the dot and at least 30 secs, deepening on the content and other elements.

The content is showing off the latest iPad and iPhone with the new IOS 7 software. They are showing it in use in a variety of ways, including time keeping and notes. They also show animations of the iPad, note book air and iPhone moving round on a white background using different camera focus shots. They then show the software with different backgrounds, icons and apps as week as the newer colour pallets and so forth. They then show variety of users – mainly iPhone – in different locations using various features. This shows the customers and audiences how easy and adaptable it is.

There is clear narration by the 3 top people for the software as well as footage showing off the features of it and using it. It shows how involved the creators are with the audience and app and so on.

The editing rhymes with the music and it all goes together to make the film so much more with feeling of good times and happiness of the evolution of this IOS 7 and its features.

It was very brightly lit and had a lot of warm colouring to it. It was crisp and clear to the eye yet very soothing and uplifting. This was to compose and emphasise more of the happiness of evolution and how great it will be when we get the upgrade.

It was more for a Apple orientated audience as they would use this software and upgrade to it. It was also to an audience of gadget lovers who may now get an Apple iPhone or iPad now for seeing the promo.


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