Ashes to Ashes s3 e8 (uk tv research)

Ashes to Ashes is one of the best UK TV shows, airing from 2008 to 2010. It was so good that I have re-watched it at least 2 times now. As I thought back on the live airing (original airing) of the epic finale (s3 e8), it was an epic series ending to a great British drama and the best episode by far.

Even though there wasn’t any epic Hollywood action adventure drama and climax, it was still so dramatic and gripping that it had you almost edging right off the seat. It had 2 story-lines, the detective and crime of the 80s and the figuring out where they all were – how they were in the 80s. This meant there was a lot going on but they tied together at the end.

This worked well as a series as the audience has a crime to solve, and even though it’s not too hard, the audience feels challenged and part of the detective ride and feel fulfilled after it is solved. It always has to be solved as the audience don’t feel a close or satisfaction. Also the on going story and mystery of Sam Tyler and where Alex Drake was and how was a harder question and challenge to solve, so the finale was the big revelation and the big climax. The real ahhhh moment and the real answer everyone kept tuned in for.

It had all our emotions high as the big revelation came fast approaching, and conflicts and tensions were high. This kept the audience on the edge with a variety of emotions to deal with and join in with. This added to the interactive feel of the drama, even though we are looking in as outsiders as the audience.

The twist at the end was really gripping as it was something the audience would not have expected. There were many red herrings and conflicting evidence or circumstances to throw the audience and characters at every turn. So the twist at the end worked well as well as succeeding as a big revelation. It added more fuel to the ready varied emotion and shock pot.

Overall the finale of Ashes to Ashes was by far a huge hit and a tv moment for the history books.


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