Blog of a film maker series launch

Hi, welcome to my Blog. I have had this site since my media degree years at uni. I am now a film graduate in Birmingham West Midlands UK. I have unfortunately been unemployed since graduating due to the tough competition, and yes of course the economic crisis and austerity. Regardless of politics and etc I have kept my dream going through thick and thin and eventually the prospect of being a freelance and self producing filmmaker and media worker is beginning to bloom into opportunity. I have had a great 2 years to find and define myself and to learn about the industry as much as i can without getting paid work. For example I have been producing special and visual effects along with CGI animations and actual promo video work experience. I have also gained work experience as a PR officer for a charity group i am a member of.

Things are on the up as I have 2 self produced projects in the works, short films, and a professional job. Also the fact that I have a clear business plan and a self image to market for both business and myself as film maker.

This blog series will be a blog of a film maker and spreading knowledge i have and useful tips along with my work and behind the scenes info. My areas of interests are music videos (least favourite), TV and films. I will share anything media and film / TV related and mainly the filmmaking side of things.


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