Blog of a Filmmaker – DSLR Film Making: My Beginners Insight and Guide

Hi, In this edition to the Blog of a Filmmaker I will be talking about being a dslr filmmaker and dslr filming.

As a filmmaker starting out (freelancing and self producing) and being unemployed, I didn’t have or know where to get the funds for industry equipment and ended up sitting around, saving and buying cheap home filming equipment which was fine for the time and purpose i used it for but not professional (as it started to break after 1-2 years use) for branching out and properly starting. Then came the problem i had been stuck on, I have a self produced film project shoot looming and professional work / work experience jobs suddenly popping up, i needed an industry camera and fast. So do I dip further into my pocket and scrape to get a sony z5 or something similar or hire equipment?. Then salvation came whilst I was researching and self educating my self on film making and a video on DSLR film making came up, a video I had seen but not taken in before. I found that yes I could get DSLR camera and other equipment and get the broadcast quality of industry equipment.

Here is the video which introduced me to DSLR filmmaking and micro crew filming.

Here are some videos below on why DSLR cameras are good for filmmaking and their features. Also they provide good tutorials and tips.

by Fenchel & Janisch

by Jake Coppinger

by DSLRguide

For me the decision was, I need to kick start my media and filmmaking career and at the moment I am stuck. So with the revelation of DSLR filmmaking and how it is a good stepping stone from home cameras to industry equipment I thought Yes DSLR filmmaking is my next step. This has been the best thing for my career and journey. I love that you can do so much with DSLRs and get so many accessories and lenses to enhance the film and stills.

As a conclusion, for low and no budget films, indie and short film and for start outs, DSLR filmmaking is the best way forward. However I would use it as a stepping stone and as an alternative or back up to a sony z5 or other industry film Cameras when i have bigger projects and more budgets. But I am growing more and more attached to DSLR filmmaking and highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading. I will be posting more soon. Happy film making.


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