Blog of a Film Maker – Low budget equipment and buying equipment at amazon

Hi, Today I will be looking at buying low cost and low budget equipment and the advantages of getting equipment on mainly amazon and other similar sites.

As I mentioned in my last post I am just starting out with my freelance filmmaking and film producing, I have 2 self produced projects (1 with a shoot date looming) in the pipeline and a professional promo project in the works and very little funds. This is a position most, if not all, filmmakers find them selves in as they start out. 

So with this dilemma, I bought a DSLR CANON EOS 1200D which is a god sent as I pointed out In my last post. Now for the rest of my low budget equipment. Here I found useful videos of fellow film makers’ low budget kits. by DSLR FILM NOOB by Mathew Pearce 

While budgeting and doing equipment research I found all my equipment on amazon as I was cutting my spending and experimenting with my budgets. Here i found how far you can stretch a budget with almost industry quality equipment. I have saved a basket of a full DSLR film kit for just about £430 give or take. This is really good as the rest of the budget can be spent on location, actors and crew etc. Now I admit i may not have the top lights and just the small square portable lights as well as the top high end brands but the low end kit I’ve gone for will get the job done well for a short film and a starting out producers.

I hope this helps and gives an insight. Thanks for reading.


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