Blog of a FilmMaker :- Ideas & project creation

Hi, this is just a brief post on my experience creating the initial project and the ideas construction of a project. 

When starting a new short film or other media project I always start with ideas and odd notes jotted down in my notebooks (while working on other projects or just other work), and through this I have created an idea / project ideas back log 2014 & one for 2015 to come back to. Then any ideas that pop into my head are added to the mix then the research starts, this is on everything from topics & narrative content right through to the film production and style up to the post production and distribution. This is mixed in with any personal experience. 

I then bring all my research together and add more ideas and notes that come then I pull all those notes and ideas together into mind maps and lists and slowly tweak and cut through them. 

At this stage I read through my notes and ideas and decide on the general confirmed notes ie location area, the genre, how many characters, target audience and duration. This comes either in the research stage or when the feeling is right.

I then make a list of around 20 favourite brief idea outlines ie 2 people wake up in doll house and must find a way to lift curse to get home etc. Then I whittle it down to 10 then to 5 then to 3 until you get to that 1 to take forward. These are not set in stone numbers or methods just the rule of thumb I developed. I also add the 4-2 other good and favourite ideas to my idea backlog just in case. 

At this point when i have final project idea, I concentrate & focus all the creative ideas and notes and research on it until pre production reaches the final shooting script and production has wrapped as the idea is alive and evolving all the time. 

And 1 very important note is, the seed of your creation never looks like the final edit. That’s the best part. 

My film CONTROL LOSS looked completely different and had two different titles, tag-lines and a whole different narrative and style at the seed of its creation but it still keeps evolving and will look even more different at its distribution. As I said that’s the best part because it grows and changes with you; and that to me reminds me of when the renascence heros describe an idea as a living muse. 

Thanks for reading and see you next time 🙂


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