Blog Of A FilmMaker – Editing’s Gloomy and Bright Days

Hi, It’s been a while.

Currently I am editing the short film Control Loss, which I have written, directed, produced and shot. (here is the link to the film site blog) .

The whole editing process has to be one of my most favourite parts of the whole film making process. Whether it is video editing, colour correction, SFX, CGI and animation, the sound mix or music composition; I just love the whole part and job it and always look forward to it. Yet there is a down side and negative for this part of the job. That is if you are a passionate perfectionist as I am. This dark side is the bit that deludes you that your project is rubbish and poor quality and shows no sign of improving ever. It’s also that depressing anti climax stage where you are like, was it worth all this? What is this thing I’ve made?

However this is perfectly normal, after having gone through this up and down stage a few times during the Control Loss Edit. The reason this happens to some of us, well I speak for me, is that the project is at it’s bare minim and skeleton stage. It never looks as good as the end film. There are many layers and processes that have to be gone through until the edit cycle reaches the next stage. Plus when you are a creative perfectionist everything gets overthought to the nth detail, however big or small the thing or problem, it always seems bigger and never-ending at the first half of the edit stages. There’s a light at the end of this gloomy tunnel though; It gets better, always.

In all the professional film work and professional film work experience I have done, this is always a stage I go through. I would never wish for it to go away though because that dark time or hard time is what pushes me to get the job done. It can put me off doing the work sometimes, however with the darkness and hardship it makes me strive and learn better for the next projects (of which I have a few lined up) in all the areas of filmmaking. It teaches me what I should do to make it slightly easier the next time round or new ways of achieving the same if not better effects. It then forces me to see the good and fun times and drives my adrenaline for the next projects in my minds eye. In fact its always at the end of a shoot / end of pre-production or all the way through an edit when my next ideas come rushing in; or at the most inconvenient times ever to write a note down lol. 🙂

Thanks for reading, join me in my next post where I will discuss the job centre and media careers. Also join me for a near future post on my work in progress and etc.

PS check out:- for all the project updates etc.


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