Blog Of A Filmmaker:- Filmmaking Career & Job Centre

Hi, I’m writing (again) about my filmmaking career and the obstacles of the job centre. 

It’s no secret that technically and on paper I am unemployed and on job seekers benefits, yet in my head and heart I am a self employed filmmaker and will become successful with my SJLees Media business. I am also a big champion of law of attraction and self help stuff along with having strong faith. This is what led me to the “quantum” leap in the faith that I should go ahead with this career path and persue my dream of a filmmaking and self employment.

This however isn’t without its challenges. Mine, is of course, the job centre. The job centre is only doing its job and has a role to play, but like the whole employment industry it seems to have a dislike or disconnection for creative graduates like me. Now I’ve learnt that the system can not be completely to blame for current situations and problems because it’s up to is to take all responsibility and decide what have we done and what do we do next. Yes the job centre plays the role of antagonist so well that it’s no wonder it’s system gets the blame so much for many things.

So what can we do then to get to our goals etc. Well I have drive, faith, vision and put a lot of hard work in. My faith (self help, law of attraction and christo-paganism / Gnosticism) believes the more energy, work, intent and sacrifice you put in plus gratitude then the more you rep. From my experience this is true. Now I know you will have different beliefs and faith systems and that’s fine, there’s no right or wrong; apart from faith in your self and gut instinct – that remains a common factor for everyone. 

Should you just settle for just getting a stable job in office or dead end jobs to get by til you get to your goal, for some it’ll be a yes but for most I advise go for the goal completely. For me my media and filmmaking is a full time job but I just need to figure out getting paid work from it. 

For me the following is true: do what you love and satisfies you and money will follow, never work FOR money money must work FOR you. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Blog Of A Filmmaker:- Filmmaking Career & Job Centre

  1. I know exactly how you feel, as I’m a freelance writer. Just keep holding on and something will come your way, I know it. I left the Job Centre behind and although I’m not earning a huge lot of money from the jobs I’m doing, I love them and I refuse to go back on benefits.

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