Blog Of A FilmMaker:- General and Overall Update – Tuesday 6 October 2015

Hi, Sophie J Less here. If you don’t already know, i am a indie filmmaker, writer, director, producer and editor and I am in the process of setting up my SJLees Media Business.

Although in the very beginning stages and planning stages, my business stuff is going quite well, especially with creative and good ideas as well as project ideas. I am getting help and inspiration by the fact that i am on the Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise and the fact that working on it and seeing my vision of its success is giving me something to do while, “job hunting and being in the unemployed sector”.

As you may know, I am currently on the editing stages of Control Loss, my first short professional film since Uni. I am on edit stage 4 / cut 4 which is the advanced edit stage where the SFX and visual effects. It is also where I dod the colour grading, advanced lighting and colouring like day for night, CGI, animation and the visual effects add ons. I love the editing stage so much as it is so fun and you get to see the evolution and moulding of the whole and finished film. Its also exciting to see the ending of a project that has taken so long to get to screen. There is an important schedule announcement coming in the next hour from the Control Loss blog and site. So check Control Loss blog .

Also the next main thing I am working on is another short film, my 2nd professional short film / project since uni. This will or could be a pilot for a possible mini or general web series on Video on demand sites. It is in the preproduction stages. It is the seed of an idea that is quickly growing to a written idea which my imagination can clearly see ripening. This is so exciting as the writing, idea creation / idea construction and planning stages are also my other favourite stages like editing. This is because i love seeming my scribbles – the seeds – becoming the plans – the roots – and then growing into the written script – the fruit. I then love taking that script to film then the screen for all to see. And I am very excited about this project as it is al the genres and genre mixes and styles I love. At the moment its slow going and not much is flowing as i am concentrating on finishing Control Loss.

Along side all this, I have at the very least 2 other ideas ready to go into pre-production. These are in the pre-preproduction stages as there is just a few odd bits and bobs written down for them. This is also very exciting for me as usually i get all my ideas for future projects while knee deep in another project so i have to log and back log these other ideas to come back to. This is good as you can come bad fresh and better to develop these ideas at a later stage. Also its good as it gives me a library so that when I’m in between projects i have something ready to look through. I also like having 1-3 or more projects on the go so that work flows are quick and production turn-arounds are constant and consistent.

This is pretty much it for now. Thanks for reading.

Please check out: SJLees Media Blog and Control Loss blog

See you next Time. 😀


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