Blog Of A FilmMaker:- My Day In The Life Of A FilmMaker (Wednesday 14 October 2015)

Hi, Sophie J Lees here, filmmaker (and currently a job seeker). This post is a diary of my typical day. It will have all about my day to day activities plus thoughts and updates on my projects and progress.

It is currently 6:35 am, I have been up since 5:30 am but now I am just starting my work day with a pointless job hunt as I have to go and sign on later this afternoon.

Its now 7:21 am, job hunt is finished and just checked certain finances ready to run errands when I go job centre and etc.

Now 8:49 am, I have done paper filling and ad various paper work and had a couple breaks.

10:13 now, I have been continuing with business plan and etc plus being a full time stay at home mom to my puppies (lol) plus doing various house and hobby choirs.

The media work part of my day is over for now as, with the way the day is scheduled with job centre and going to town for various shopping and errands too, I have to cut it short (media part) to do various housework and ext.

Sorry if this post was short and boring, i plan to record a full / longer day tomorrow and post it up as well as recording a week diary in next few weeks. Keep looking our for various other blogs and updates on my network.


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