Blog of a FilmMaker – a long time waiting

Hi, Its been a long time since I last posted but I’ve been quite busy with various things. As you may know, I am a job seeker who is trying to become a full on self employed freelancing film producer. I am now at a very good stage with my princes trust explore enterprise and I seem to be starting to get some where with my commercial client work as well as getting somewhere with my more self commissioned side of things.

As you know I have S.J.Lees Media as my main professional media and portfolio site / network, but while working on the business planning I decided to branch out within S.J.Lees Media to have a site / network space just for my own self commissioned work; this business (owned and under the main S.J.Lees Media) is MagicKraft Media. This is where all my short films and other bigger scale projects will go. On S.J.Lees Media I will still have all the projects and things I create like Vlogs, mini projects, experiments and etc. So It is still an outputting site where I’ll put my work (and they will get more regular) like cgi animations and other odd playlists of work etc. I just want to organise stuff and make my creative stuff more streamlined and professional. Its all so new and exciting and a bit confusing but I couldn’t be happier.

Control Loss my first short film since uni (through and under S.J.Lees Media) is now all finished and distributed and I will link up to it.

I have (through my MagicKraft Media) started my next short film Spook Hunters. Its a homage to Most haunted and monster quest etc and is all set and shot out on location in the birmingham suburbs (uk).

I will be posting and updating this blog and posting up all the work I’ve done on my networks. I’ll also try and make this regular again and organise everything. I have a few blog post on here I want to get up. So see you next time.

check out the links below for more on my work ad stuff:-

MagicKraft Media Blog Site

S.J.Lees Media Blog site

S.J.Lees Media WebSIte


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