Blog of a Film Maker – general update – 9 June 2016

A lot has happened since my last post. I am about to start a paid work placement via Advance (an into work and job centre linked company) at a media company. Its not filmmaking related but its more magazines, online media and PR and etc. Its only 16 hrs a week which means i can still work on my projects for my SJLees Media and MagicKraft Media as well as till keep working on my career path and self employment in freelance media and filmmaking etc. This is quite scary and exciting.

Also, for SJLees Media, I filmed and edited my first client wedding video (ceremony and highlight reel) which was really challenging and exciting. I didn’t earn a money payment but i gained so many new skills in live filming and editing. I gained most new skills and experience in colour correction and grading. I also enhanced my editing to music and beats which is a skill i had quite a bit of a knack for. All of this was both theoretical and practical.

I’ve also learnt and discovered, with the help and utilisation (yes i am into self development or self help / law of attraction and other related topics) of all the success and the above mentioned skills and principles, a lot of how to organise my film work and using hobbies like music playing to optimise and advance it all. With this I’ve learnt what i really want from my career and where my favourite parts are, my strengths, weaknesses and etc are.

I will be posting soon once i get a few things sorted and have got back on track with my 3 short film projects for MagicKraft Media.

Thanks for reading.

Sophie J Lees


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