A GNOSTIC’S JOURNAL – Now presence 

So a quick post on some tips / ideas and experiences with now presence practice. 

I use and try to do now presence practice to improve concentration and focus or total absorbtion skills to lead to raising awareness. It’s like trance and self hypnosis practice if it isn’t in the same vein.

You make it a successful practice by relaxing and just getting in to a meditative state as you either sit in silence with out distractions or by listening to music, listening to audio books or watching the tv.

If any thoughts or images or feelings come up, just allow them to rise and be there and then drift away. Also just let your eyes and ears take in whatever they want to, don’t force any concentration or force your senses to perceive or they will strain and miss it all totally. 

This is what I do – 

I choose mainly to watch YouTube or general tv (mainly educational personal development or spiritual or docs) and let my senses perceive what ever they will. 

Put away all phones and other distractions and get prepared so you don’t have to be disturbed.

Then sit and just allow. When thoughts and feelings etc come up I just let them come and go. I find really good insights and levels of concentration and awareness as well as way more energy coming out  as a result. 


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