Apple IOS 7 Promo video – Promo Video Research

For my current work experience and my own personal media growth, I am researching all kinds of media – mainly video – formats  and genres. Currently I am honing in on promo videos. The one above is the promo video for the IOS 7 for Apple Devices (mainly the iPhone).

At first glance, the video duration is quite long (7 minutes and 30 secs) for a promo video, not too long but long enough for certain audiences to get bored and change videos. If I were to do a promo video, I would cut it down to at most 5 minutes on the dot and at least 30 secs, deepening on the content and other elements.

The content is showing off the latest iPad and iPhone with the new IOS 7 software. They are showing it in use in a variety of ways, including time keeping and notes. They also show animations of the iPad, note book air and iPhone moving round on a white background using different camera focus shots. They then show the software with different backgrounds, icons and apps as week as the newer colour pallets and so forth. They then show variety of users – mainly iPhone – in different locations using various features. This shows the customers and audiences how easy and adaptable it is.

There is clear narration by the 3 top people for the software as well as footage showing off the features of it and using it. It shows how involved the creators are with the audience and app and so on.

The editing rhymes with the music and it all goes together to make the film so much more with feeling of good times and happiness of the evolution of this IOS 7 and its features.

It was very brightly lit and had a lot of warm colouring to it. It was crisp and clear to the eye yet very soothing and uplifting. This was to compose and emphasise more of the happiness of evolution and how great it will be when we get the upgrade.

It was more for a Apple orientated audience as they would use this software and upgrade to it. It was also to an audience of gadget lovers who may now get an Apple iPhone or iPad now for seeing the promo.


The Tudors (S1 e1) – UK TV Research

The other weekend I started watching The Tudors (2007) on Netflix. The Tudors is a British TV drama running for 4 series (seasons), based on the in-depth life of young King Henry VIII. It is a gritty drama portraying the life of the King and other Tudors round him like his wives and right hand men.

I am very interested in historic genre films and TV Shows, Especially to do with kings and Queens.

The first episode, I felt, was truly gripping and a great starting point for the whole show. We are introduced, to us the beginning, but to the characters and the narrative’s world, the middle of an ongoing story. This meant that the audience were thrown right into the narrative and were spirited along as onlookers to a chain of events. The first of the unfolding events is the murder of a court man diplomat by french Soldiers in an Italian or French court. This then sets off a whole chain of balancing the King’s Humanist views and keeping peace as well as the King’s lust for power, glory and rule of France and war.

All the characters, the important characters, were introduced in amongst the quickly unfolding storyline. This meant the audience were thrown into the fast moving world and had to get used to it while being taken from here to there. This could get confusing at times but it took only a short time to get used to it. This suggests to the audience that the narrative will be quick and quickly going from one place to the next. It also shows the atmosphere and the speed of the world of the narrative and characters. It also got the audience accustomed to the characters and the type of characters there will be as well as the general locations.

The sets and locations were very accurate and realistic to the tudor period. This gave the period dram and overall narrative that authentic look and feel. We could see how close to truth this could be. It showed that the researchers in all depts had done very well and gone into the area and period with a fine tooth comb to make it so authentic. Also this is added on by the portrayal of Henry VIII. He is portrayed both in his good ways as well as his bad sides. Yet as the audience we are intrigued by him and feel a connection as we see both his good side and his flaws. As well as this, we know who are the potential good people and who are the potential bent or greedy and bad people. Yet alongside this we see the good and bad of each character so all you see are the potential in each way for each character. This is a good reflection of people in real life rather than the real hero and villain that you get in most films and etc.

Overall the first episode was a good intro to the series to come and shows high potential for the whole drama.

Ashes to Ashes s3 e8 (uk tv research)

Ashes to Ashes is one of the best UK TV shows, airing from 2008 to 2010. It was so good that I have re-watched it at least 2 times now. As I thought back on the live airing (original airing) of the epic finale (s3 e8), it was an epic series ending to a great British drama and the best episode by far.

Even though there wasn’t any epic Hollywood action adventure drama and climax, it was still so dramatic and gripping that it had you almost edging right off the seat. It had 2 story-lines, the detective and crime of the 80s and the figuring out where they all were – how they were in the 80s. This meant there was a lot going on but they tied together at the end.

This worked well as a series as the audience has a crime to solve, and even though it’s not too hard, the audience feels challenged and part of the detective ride and feel fulfilled after it is solved. It always has to be solved as the audience don’t feel a close or satisfaction. Also the on going story and mystery of Sam Tyler and where Alex Drake was and how was a harder question and challenge to solve, so the finale was the big revelation and the big climax. The real ahhhh moment and the real answer everyone kept tuned in for.

It had all our emotions high as the big revelation came fast approaching, and conflicts and tensions were high. This kept the audience on the edge with a variety of emotions to deal with and join in with. This added to the interactive feel of the drama, even though we are looking in as outsiders as the audience.

The twist at the end was really gripping as it was something the audience would not have expected. There were many red herrings and conflicting evidence or circumstances to throw the audience and characters at every turn. So the twist at the end worked well as well as succeeding as a big revelation. It added more fuel to the ready varied emotion and shock pot.

Overall the finale of Ashes to Ashes was by far a huge hit and a tv moment for the history books.

Cooking video tutorials research – US and UK

Today I have been researching cooking & baking video tutorials from the UK and the US (as culturally, we are very similar if not the same).

The link below is of a video on how to make Fondant Icing. The video is around 3 minutes in duration, has no narration, but text with the informative key details and ect. The music is a rather commercial / 90s jazzy type tune that compliments the warm colour grading and warn lighting. It is visually very clear, simple and warm. It has slow paced editing and is complimented and defined by the simple and matching  logo, graphics and homely set up and atmosphere it tried to portray. The homely atmosphere and set up was helped and hammered in more by the cat at the end, making it feel more british.

Cooking Videos Promo video for Schwartz watercress soup

For My Current work experience, I am looking into doing food and kitchen based promotional multi media projects, and i am researching, using sjlees media to do mock up promo videos or trial projects.

The link below is a promo video for water cress soup. It is based heavily in the kitchen location and very well lit. It has com commercial, if cheesy music and lasts for about a minute  to 2 minutes. It is lit very brightly which gives a warm feel, the colours are also vey warm – aka reds. There is very clear and crisp informative narration that does not sound over scripted. All in all it makes a nice little piece through being so short, joyful and simple. It would keep interest, be fun for the audience and inform of important information which would hold in the audience’s head.

I have started setting up a mock up – Sofias kitchen – a play on my real name Sophie. The colour themes are pink and mint green, warmish yet more poppy to appeal to the younger ages.