SJLees Media Logo Glowing Text made in Blender 3d

A blender 3d animation made with a text and key frames on the emit values and the colour material values
It is the SJLees Media Logo as a neon type glowing sign. The camera was a 35 mm styled camera with modern video dimensions and formats.


Twinkle Tower

This is a 3d cgi animation i created last week. I used the blender particle system, the node editor and textures in cycles render. I also used a path for the emitter and particles to follow round the tower i created. The final result wasn’t what I wanted, i wanted a stream of twinkly star like blue particles trailing on the path i had created. Instead i hd just the one phasing twinkle which wasn’t a bad effect, just not what i wanted. I also wanted a gradient and blue to black sky, but was unable to achieve this with the sky. Next time i will do a similar project but with a plane or sky image mapped to the sky or camera as well as messing with the particles and smoke emitters, i want to achieve a ufo / star stream. I also messed with apertures on the camera so i will try different effects with this too as well as different modelling and cycles texturing.

Lizard Smoke – CGI Animation / smoke simulation research project

Above is a cgi lizard shaped smoke simulation i did on blender 3d. It is very simple yet quite effective. It is a basic shaped smoke simulation with a turbulence forcefield effect on it to give it the puff and wipe off effect.

It was created using a lizard mesh, i got off a free model site, and a basic smoke simulation. The turbulence was animated in a right to left motion to give the final effect.

This would be good as a title or logo effect or image as well as a film / tv visual cgi effect if it was keyed and animated more. Also for the next time i do this type of project again i will experiment much more with the smoke domain settings and turbulence effects to get the better and different effects.